[Redo] Battle Archives! Selected Partner Recruitment


Available Period:
2024/1/31 JST after maintenance ~

NJPW: Strong Spirits Big Thanks Event!
To show our appreciation for everyone who has been playing NJPW: Strong Spirits,
we're holding a recruitment that brings back Limited-time partners and Legacy exclusive partners!
Get a bonus Battle Archives Partner Exchange Ticket Vol. 2 on play 5 of the 10x recruit!



[ Partner Intro ]


[Selected Partners]


SSR Hiroyoshi Tenzan: The Eternal Champion [type : 体 / TLN]


SSR Tetsuya Naito: CENTER OF THIS RING [type : 技 / INT]
SSR GREAT-O-KHAN: Great Ruler [type : 心 / SPR]
SSR Hiromu Takahashi: BOSJ Three-in-a-row [type : 体 / TLN]

SSR YOH : New Wind Comeback [type : 体 / TLN]
SSR Taichi : Grudge Seal! [type : 技 / INT]
SSR Tama Tonga : Where ARE the iron fingers? [type : 体 / TLN]
SSR El Desperado: Aguja De Abeja [type : 技 / INT]
SSR Shingo Takagi: Hiryuu Jouun [type : 体 / TLN]
SSR Taiji Ishimori: Destructive Jr Heavyweight [type : 体 / TLN]


SSR SHO: Shock Arrow Betrayal [type : 心 / SPR]
SSR YOSHI-HASHI: Zanmai Like Never Before! [type : 心 / SPR]
SSR Toru Yano: Drunken Guardian Angel [type : 技 / INT]
SSR BUSHI: Mentira [type : 体 / TLN]
SSR David Finlay: THE REBEL [type : 体 / TLN]
SSR TJP: Public Enemy [type : 技 / INT]
SSR FRANCESCO AKIRA: Nova Fireball [type : 体 / TLN]
SSR Hikuleo: Lion of the South Sea [type : 体 / TLN]


The following partners will not appear

SSR Yota Tsuji: Man of the Future [type : 心 / SPR]



[ Recruitment details ]


You can play the following in recruitments.
- Recruit x 1
- Recruit x 10 (with stamp rewards)


Playing the 10x recruitments will allow you to acquire stamp bonuses relative to the number of plays.


Number of plays Stamp Rewards Probability Bonus
Recruit x 10: Play 1 - Guaranteed SSR partner!
Recruit x 10: Play 2 - Guaranteed SSR partner!
Recruit x 10: Play 3 - Guaranteed SSR partner!
Recruit x 10: Play 4 - Guaranteed selected partner!
Recruit x 10: Play 5 1 Battle Archives Partner Exchange Ticket Vol. 2 -


* Check Ticket Recruit for more details on "Battle Archives Partner Exchange Ticket Vol. 2".


* Tap the button to the right of each recruitment for more information on the stamp rewards.
* The number of plays will reset to 1 after the Recruit x 10: Play 5.


The recruitment rate for selected partners in this recruitment is 5 times!
* For more detailed recruitment rate, see the recruitment details of the recruit.


* Duplicate partners may appear.
* Please see the Recruitment Details on the Recruitment screen for more information on the included partners and recruitment rates.
* If you get a partner that you already have, you will get a limit break for that partner.
* If you get a partner who is already limit broken to Lv. 5, it will be converted to Dumbbell Points instead.
List of Dumbbell Points you can earn:
- SSR Partner : 100 Dumbbell Points
- SR Partner : 10 Dumbbell Points
- R Partner : 3 Dumbbell Points
* Dojo bonuses, skills, images, and other content are subject to change.
* The recruiting period and details are subject to change without notice.