STARDOM Limited! Wrestler Recruitment "MIRAI"


Available Period:
2023/5/17 after maintenance ~ 2023/6/14 08:59 JST

STARDOM limited wrestlers are here!
"MIRAI: New Martial Arts Princess" have been selected for recruitment!


You can acquire "TLN Awaken Orb" as a bonus on step 10!



[ Wrestler Intro ]


[Selected Wrestlers] STARDOM limited new wrestlers

3★ MIRAI: New Martial Arts Princess [type : 体 / TLN]
* The battle skill "With All My Spirit" will be released when you reach Wrestler Lv.3.


Experience it in the "Rowdy GE" and "Next-Gen STARDOM Ace" Dojo Event!


[Standard selected wrestlers] STARDOM limited wrestlers

3★ MAYU IWATANI: A global icon of Stardom [type : 技 / INT]
3★ TAM NAKANO: Shining Dream of Stardom [type : 心 / SPR]
3★ NATSUPOI: Highspeed Fairy [type : 心 / SPR]
3★ UTAMI HAYASHISHITA: Stardom's Talent [type : 技 / INT]
3★ SYURI: Scarlet Champion [type : 心 / SPR]
3★ MAIKA: Dancing Flames, Crimson Gun [type : 体 / TLN]
3★ STARLIGHT KID: Dancing in the Dark Sky Tiger [type : 体 / TLN]
3★ HAZUKI: Reborn Wild Heart [type : 技 / INT]

The following wrestlers will not appear
3★ HIMEKA: Jumbo Princess [type : 技 / INT]
3★ GIULIA: The Beautiful Madness [type : 技 / INT]

* The walkout songs for STARDOM limited wrestlers will be NJPW: Strong Spirits original songs.
* STARDOM limited wrestlers will not have audio for their Match Cards at the beginning of a match.



[ Recruitment details ]


You can play the following in recruitments.
- Recruit x 1
- Step up: Recruit x 10


Play the Step Up 10x Recruitments to the set number of steps and you're guaranteed 3★ wrestlers or other rewards.


- Step 6, 12, 18
Guaranteed 3★ wrestler!


- Step 10
8 times the appearance probability selected wrestlers!
Players can also receive a bonus "5 TLN Awaken Orb"!


- Step 20
Guaranteed selected wrestler!


*After step 20, you can play again starting from step 1


The recruitment rate for selected wrestlers in this recruitment is 5 times!
The drop rate for standard selected wrestlers is 1.5x!
* For more detailed recruitment rate, see the recruitment details of the recruit.



[ About selected wrestlers ]


Additionally, obtaining the Pieces for the featured wrestler 3★ "MIRAI: New Martial Arts Princess" will be easier in this recruitment!
- First time recruitment : 40 MIRAI: New Martial Arts Princess Piece
- Second and subsequent recruitments : 100 MIRAI: New Martial Arts Princess Piece
* There will not be any increase in the amount of pieces received for acquiring previous Standard selected wrestlers.


* STARDOM limited wrestlers in this recruitment may appear again in the future.
* Regular wrestlers are also included in this recruitment's line up.
* Duplicate wrestler may appear.
* Please see the Recruitment Details on the Recruitment screen for more information on the included wrestlers and recruitment rates.
* If you get a wrestler you already have, you will receive Pieces instead.
List of pieces that you can get :
- 3★ Wrestler: Piece that can be acquired x 60
- 2★ Wrestler: Piece that can be acquired x 15
- 1★ Wrestler: Piece that can be acquired x 5
* Battle skills, Souls, stats, images, videos, and other content are subject to change.
* The recruiting period and details are subject to change without notice.


Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits.