Step up! Wrestler recruitment! "SHO"


Available Period:
6/15 after maintenance ~ 7/6 08:59 JST

The new 3★ "SHO: Murder Machine" recruitment is happening now!


* The battle skill "<DEF>Ruthless" will be released when you reach Wrestler Lv.5.

■ Step Up Recruitment details
For 10x recruitments, by playing up to certain steps, you will be guaranteed to get 3★ wrestlers, etc.


- Step 6, 12, 18
Guaranteed 3★ wrestler!


- Step 20
Guaranteed 3★ "SHO: Murder Machine"


* After step 20, you can play again starting from step 1


This recruitment will also feature doubled rates of getting 3★ "SHO: Murder Machine" regardless of the step.
* For more detailed recruitment rate, see the recruitment details of the recruit.


Additionally, obtaining the Pieces for the featured wrestler 3★ "SHO: Murder Machine" will be easier in this recruitment!

- First time recruitment : 40 SHO: Murder Machine Piece
- Second and subsequent recruitments : 100 SHO: Murder Machine Piece


*The selected wrestler is the only time the Pieces will increase after recruiting them the second time onwards.
* Duplicate wrestler may appear.
* If you get a wrestler you already have, you will receive Pieces instead.
List of pieces that you can get :
- 3★ Wrestler: Piece that can be acquired x 60
- 2★ Wrestler: Piece that can be acquired x 15
- 1★ Wrestler: Piece that can be acquired x 5
* Battle skills, Souls, stats, images, videos, and other content are subject to change.
* The recruiting period is subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits.