The NJPW Strong Spirits Store Pre-registration follow & RT campaign!

■Campaign rules

・The NJPW Strong Spirits Store Pre-registration follow and RT campaign (henceforth “the

Campaign” is a campaign organised to promote the smart phone game app NJPW Strong Spirits (henceforth “NJPW SS”) developed by Bushiroad Co., Ltd (henceforth “the Company”) and Drecom Co., Ltd. wherein users follow the game’s official English language Twitter account (@njpwss_global) and retweet a designated post in order to enter.  10 entrants will recevie an Select Gift Card worth 30,000 Japanese yen.

Participation in the Campaign is subject to the following terms and conditions.


■Campaign participation

Entrants particpate in the Campaign by following the NJPW SS English language Twitter account @njpwss_global and then retweeting a specified post from the @njpwss_global account.

*Following both Twitter accounts is a requirement. If a participant is not following both accounts when retweeting the post, or at the point of selection for a prize, or if they are unavailable for contact via Direct Message, their participation will be invalidated.

*Private/locked accounts will not be eligible for prize selction. We appreciate your understanding.

*One entry per person. Multiple account usage is prohibited. Should the Company determine that one entrant has used multiple accounts to participate, all entries will be invalidated.

*Participation is limited to following and retweeting. There are no other means to participate in the campaign.


■Campaign period

Friday, November 19 2021 7:00AM – Friday December 3 11:59 PM JST

※One entry per person. Multiple account usage is prohibited. Should the Company determine that one entrant has used multiple accounts to participate, all entries will be invalidated.


■For queries/support regarding the Campaign

・Email NJPW Strong Spirits campaign support at



■Winning entry selection

・Winners will be notified via Twitter Direct Message. There will be no public announcement of winning entries.

・After the Campaign ends and before the end of December2021, winning entrants will receive aDM from the @njpwss_global account with a You will be notified and told which gift code to choose.

・Winners will be notified via DM and will receive a 30,000 Japanese yen gift code based on the type of gift code they selected.  

※If you do not reply with your choice of gift card (App Store & iTunes gift card (digital code) or Google Play gift code) by the deadline specified in the direct message to the winner, or if you make a false statement If you do not reply by DM or if you provide false information, your winnings may be invalid. Please understand beforehand.

※If an entrant is unable to provide relevant details by the deadline listed in their Direct Message,their entry could be invalidated.

※One entry per person. If the Company determines that a duplicate account was used to win the prize, even after being contacted via Direct Message, their entry will be invalidated.

※Campaign prizes are not for resale or exchange.

※Winners contacted via Direct Message, with no public annoucnement. Requests for results via email or other means will not be responded to.

※If an entrant shares the winning entry form link with another user, their entry will be invalidated.

※Winners contacted via Direct Message, schedule itself is subject to change without notice.


■Additional conditions

・Campaign prizes are not for sale or exchange with third parties. Should the Company determinean account is involved in sale or exchange of Campaign prizes, they may be subject to being banned from services provided by the Company or from participation in future campaigns.

・If an entrant is unable to don't reply to our DM with your select of gift card type ("App Store & iTunes Gift Card (Digital Code)" or "Google Play Gift Code") by the deadline listed in their Direct Message,their entry will be invalidated.

・Entrants may not infringe on the rights of any third party through participation in the Campaign

・This Campaign is not operated or recognised by Twitter.

・Campaign particulars, including prizes are subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances.

・Consult Twitter support for any queries relating to Twitter usage or service status.

・Participants burden any charges (such as data fees) connected to taking part in the Campaign.

・The Company will accept no responsibility for losses or damages related to cancellation of, or alterations to, the Campaign.

・The Company accepts no responsilbity for any troubles or issues incurred by entrants through their participation in the Campaign.

・The Company accepts no responsibility for users being unable to participate in the campaign due to Twitter maintenance, login or connection issues.


【User entries will be invalidated if any of the following apply】

・Entries that infringe on the personal or intellectual property rights of any third party, that are defamatory or invasive to third party privacy, in contrvention of any laws or ordinancies, or considered for any other reason to be unacceptable by the Company.

・Entries that defame a third party or company, including goods or products by said company, entried that include discriminatory language, that are liable to cause offense to a party or parties, or otherwise are socially unacceptable or inappropriate as judged by the Company.

・Promotion, advertisement or otherise considered to conduct or solicit business.

・Disclosure of personal information, including, but not limited to, names, addresses and phone numbers.

・Entries perceived to promote websites or to be conducted with the trade of goods.

・Entries that hinder the Campaign’s operation or harm the reputation of Campaign management.

・Infringement on intellectual property rights of individuals or characters.

・Entries that are defamatory toward individuals, businesses or promotions, or infringe on privacyin any way.

・Entries deemed to violate any of the rules as outlined above and judged by the Company.

・Entried deemed by the Company to be inappropriate or unacceptable for any reason aside from the abovementioned.

※Any element of the Campaign, including schedule and prizes, is subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding.


■Regarding personal information

Bushiroad Company Ltd. will collect personal information from winning Campaign entrants for the sole pupose of contacting and delivering prizes to those entrants.

When absolutely necessary, said personal information may be shared, in whole or in part, with third parties in order to fulfil these tasks. In such an event, third parties will handle said information with the utmost of care and under careful supervision.

Personal information will not be shared or distributed for any other reason, unless given entrant consent.