NJPW Strong Spirits an autograph board featuring the NJPW SS logo signed by Hiromu Takahashi or BUSHI Present follow & RT campaign!

■Campaign rules

NJPW Strong Spirits an autograph board featuring the NJPW SS logo signed by Hiromu Takahashi or BUSHI Present follow & RT campaign!(henceforth: “The Campaign”) is a promotional campaign in conjunction with BushiRoad (henceforth The Company) and DreCom Company Ltd. to promote smartphone videogame app NJPW Strong Spirits (Henceforth “NJPW SS”) in which users follow both NJPW SS English Twitter account (@njpwss_global) and retweet a campaign post for a chance to win a prize. Successful entrants  will be selected at random to win an autograph board featuring the NJPW SS logo signed by Hiromu Takahashi or BUSHI. Participation in The Campaign is pursuant to the below terms and conditions, and participation is tacit agreement to same.


■How to participate

Users participate in The Campaign by following the Twitter accounts @njpwss_global and retweeting the relevant campaign tweet.

Participants in The Campaign must follow both @njpwss_global accounts. Winners will be notified via DM, and if winners are not following both accounts when DMs are sent by The Company, their selection will become invalid.

Private accounts are not able to win the campaign prize. We appreciate your understanding.

If a participant deletes their retweet after contributing, or alters or deletes their Twitter account before being selected, they will become invalid for selection. We appreciate your understanding.

One entry per person. If The Company determines that a user is using multiple accounts to enter several times, all their entries become invalid for selection.

Participation in The Campaign is limited to retweeting the campaign tweet on Twitter. there is no other way to participate in The Campaign.


■Campaign period

Saturday,March 5 21:00 JST - Sunday,March 11 23:59 JST

Please make one entry in the above timeframe. If The Company determines that a user is using multiple accounts to enter several times, all their entries become invalid for selection.

For questions and support regarding this campaign, email njpwss_cp_support@bushimo.jp and use the subject line NJPW Strong Spirits Campaign Queries.


■On result announcements

Prize winning accounts will be notified via Twitter Direct Message (DM). Winners will not be publicly announced.

Winners will be notified with a message from this (@njpwss_global) account with an entry number and a secure link to a form for providing shipping details for their prize.

Incorrect entry on the form will result in The Company being unable to deliver your prize, so please take care.

When entering your details in the form, you will be asked to provide the account ID you used to participate in The Campaign. Please be aware that changing your account ID will result in not being able to enter your details.

Inability to register your details before the deadline specified in your winning DM will result in your entry being rendered invalid.

One entry per person. If The Company discovers more than one entry with the same details registered, those entries will be rendered invalid.

Prizes may not be transferred, changed or exchanged for money.

Please be aware we are unable to respond to queries about the winning selection process.

Sharing the winners’ entry form will result in entries being rendered invalid.

Shipping schedule and contents subject to change with no advance notice.



The prize on offer in The Campaign is non transferrable and not for resale. If The Company discovers prizes being exchanged or resold, they may ban the user from future campaigns and use of The Company’s services.

If a selected winner does not provide accurate information on their form, or if they miss the stated deadline, their entry will be rendered invalid.

Participants may not infringe on any rights of any third party when participating in The Campaign.

The Campaign is not recognised, supported or managed by Twitter.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, The Company reserves the right to change The Campaign prize, or cancel The Campaign entirely.

For any questions regarding the operation of Twitter or any technical concerns, please consult Twitter support.

Participants in The Campaign bear any and all costs associated with participation (data fees, etc.)

The Company accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may be caused in the event of The Campaign’s conclusion, changes or cancellation.

The Company accepts no responsibility for any troubles that may arise from retweeting the campaign tweet. 

The Company is unable to accept any responsibility for disruptions to Twitter service, users being unable to login, or any other technical issues.


■Entries will be rendered invalid if any of the below apply

Entries that infringe on a third party’s intellectual property rights, their privacy, or dishonour or discredit a third party, as well as any entries that violate laws or ordinances, or have potential to do so in the judgement of The Company

Entries that include discriminatory or inflammatory speech, discredit any products or works produced by a third party,that violate social standards, or are perceived to do so by The Company.

Entries that include promotional material or advertising.

Entries that include names, addresses, telephone numbers or other personal information.

Buying/selling, or indication of same, including links to related sites.

Obstructing the management and operation of The Campaign, or damaging trust in same.

Causing concern of infringement on rights of talent or particular characters

Defaming individuals, businesses or promotions, and infringing on privacy rights.

Infringing on any of the rules and terms outlined above in the opinion of The Company.

Any other action deemed by The Company to not be within the spirit and standards of The Campaign.

Be aware that the schedule and particulars of The Campaign are subject to change without prior notice.


■On Personal Information

In order to ship prizes to winning contributions to The Campaign, The Company will collect pertinent Personal Information from The Campaign winner(s).

It may become necessary for The Company’s campaign committee to disclose this Personal Information to a third party purely for purposes relating to management of The Campaign. In such an event, only pertinent information will be disclosed, and will be handled with the utmost care.

For no other reason will The Company share or disclose any Personal Information.