NEW! Wrestler and partner recruits added!

In the 3/11 update, we have added Great-O-Khan: Dominator to wrestler and partner recruitments.

■ New wrestler

3★ Great-O-Khan


■ New partner

SSR Great-O-Khan

SR Great-O-Khan

R Great-O-Khan

*As a courtesy from Great-O-Khan himself, 150 Diamonds have been distributed.



Great-O-Khan will not be added to the following recruits:


〇 Paid exclusive recruits

・ 3★ Wrestler Recruitment

・ SSR Partner Recruitment


〇 Ticket Recruit (Wrestler)

・ 3★ Wrestler Recruitment Ticket

・ 2★+ Wrestler Recruitment Ticket

・ Wrestler Recruitment


〇 Ticket Recruit (Partner)

・ SSR Partner Recruitment Ticket

・ SR Partner Recruitment Ticket

・ Partner Recruitment


Addition to the recruits listed above is scheduled for around June 2022.

Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits.