Letter from the Development Team of "New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits"

We thank you for playing and supporting New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits (NJPWSS).
This title was released on Feb. 28, 2022 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. For all users enjoying NJPWSS, we would like to give heads-up information on upcoming events and updates in a form of a letter from the developing team.


[About Golden Week holiday events]
We at NJPWSS have held events such as new missions and SR partner recruitment events for newly added wrestlers. However, each of these events were rather short and did not provide much playable content for users.
In order to address this issue, during the Golden Week holiday period in Japan, we will be adding events that will provide new gameplay experiences for users.


We are planning to add events where wrestlers can be recruited. Linked to this recruitment event, a ranking event will be held where users will compete with the total power of a certain wrestler.


The event rewards will also be more special than usual. For example, the reward will be a very exclusive reward that any New Japan Pro-Wrestling fans will enjoy and can only be seen within NJPWSS.
Additionally, to improve the playability of said event, certain Dojo events will be adjusted to accommodate wider range of users to enjoy the event.
The event is currently in development and further updates will be announced in late April.


[About Updates]
We are currently developing the following two major updates:


Major Improvement of Collection Room:
The collection room will be the main hub for all collectables in the title. Users will be able to easily access their collected wrestlers, partner cards, snapshots and titles with an easier to see list. Additionally, users will have collection ranks that will improve as users fills out their collection. NJPWSS will provide short term goals for users to aim for in their collection gameplay.


New Dojo Additions:
Although the scheduled implementation of the new Dojo will be rather later, we are currently aiming to release new Dojo content in the summer (although is subject to change). Meanwhile, we will be making adjustments to certain existing Dojo difficulties. Additionally, we will be holding large-scaled Dojo events for users to enjoy while they wait for the new Dojo to be added.


[Development Scope of NJPWSS]
We have marked the second month since the release of NJPWSS. We would like to thank everyone for their support for making this happen, as well as voicing out valuable suggestions to improve NJPWSS.
NJPWSS will continue to improve the features and playability in the game so everyone can continue to enjoy it. Also, the title will continue to release in-game events that bridge between users with actual wrestlers and matches of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.


As the first step, we are preparing to hold the GW event, so please come and play NJPWSS.


We at NJPWSS will continue to provide a title where pro-wrestling fans and gamers can both share the excitement and drama that pro-wrestling provides.
Along with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, we thank you for your continued support.


Development & Operation Team of New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits