Announcing the results of NJPWSS's BEST OF THE SUPER Jr. 2022!

Thank you to the many users who participated in "NJPWSS's BEST OF THE SUPER Jr. 2022".


Eleven junior warriors in the ultimate battle!

We present a video of each player's match and the championship match between the block representatives!











You can view the final results of the rankings at the following link.




[Block A] (5 wrestlers)

- Ryusuke Taguchi Category

  Click here for Ryusuke Taguchi's ranking page


- YOH Category

  Click here for YOH's ranking page


- Hiromu Takahashi Category

  Click here for Hiromu Takahashi's ranking page


- Yoshinobu Kanemaru Category

  Click here for Yoshinobu Kanemaru's ranking page


- Taiji Ishimori Category

  Click here for Taiji Ishimori's ranking page



[Block B](6 wrestlers

- MASTER WATO Category

  Click here for MASTER WATO's ranking page


- Robbie Eagles Category

  Click here for Robbie Eagles's ranking page


- BUSHI Category

  Click here for BUSHI's ranking page


- El Desperado Category

  Click here for El Desperado's ranking page


- DOUKI Category

  Click here for DOUKI's ranking page



  Click here for EL PHANTASMO's ranking page



[Ranking Update Cautions]

*You can enter the ranking for all wrestlers of the Block you joined.
*The final result is to be updated on June 02 JST.
*If the user name is considered inappropriate, such as containing (but not limited to) harmful names to other users, political message, sexual context, and any other inappropriate for public display will be changed to the default name "Player".
*User name at the time of the ranking will be used for being displayed on the ranking result.


▼Total Power Ranking
*The wrestler with the highest total power that completed its training during the event period will be counted towards the ranking.
*The "Wrestler Total Power" will be the highest value obtained during the event period.<br />
 If there are multiple wrestlers with exact same Total Power, the wrestler that was created first will take priority in the ranking.
*Ranking will display the top 100 wrestlers for each wrestler category.
*The rankings will display the "Ranking (Placement)", "User ID", "User Name", "Wrestler Total Power", "Wrestler Total Rank" on the official website.


▼Special Ranking
*Each wrestler ranking will display the top 50 for each category
*Wrestlers completed their training with Rank A or better will be counted towards the total number of times trained.
 If the cumulative number of times is the same, the data that arrived earlier will be ranked higher.
*Use of boosts will not affect the ranking. The ranking will be based of number of time training has been completed.
*The rankings will display the "Ranking (Placement)", "User ID", "User Name" and "Number of times Wrestler Trained" on the official website.


*The ranking is scheduled to update on the following (time is subject to change):

Total Power Ranking:
May 25 (Wed) 21:00 JST
May 26 (Thu) 12:00, 21:00 JST
May 27 (Fri) 12:00, 21:00 JST
May 28 (Sat) 12:00, 21:00 JST
May 29 (Sun) 12:00, 21:00 JST


Special Ranking: (Update 5/25 21:00 JST)

* Since the special ranking is under preparation, the first publication is scheduled for May 26 (Thu) JST.
May 26 (Thu) 21:00 JST
May 27 (Fri) 21:00 JST
May 28 (Sat) 21:00 JST
May 29 (Sun) 21:00 JST


[To users not listed in the rankings]
- Have you already entered the event through the in-game notice? If not, you will not be eligible for this event.