[Redo]SS Tour Dojo release commemoration! Step up Partner Recruitment!


Available Period:
11/4 after maintenance ~ 11/13 23:59 JST


Limited-time partner "Tetsuya Naito: CENTER OF THIS RING" is back!
Limited-time only step up partner recruitment is happening now!


■ Limited-time partners
SSR "Tetsuya Naito: CENTER OF THIS RING" [type : 技 / INT]

■ Step Up Recruitment details
For 10x recruitments, by playing up to certain steps, you will be guaranteed to get SSR partners, etc.


- Step 6, 12, 18
Guaranteed SSR partner!


- Step 20
Guaranteed SSR "Tetsuya Naito: CENTER OF THIS RING"


* After step 20, you can play again starting from step 1


This recruitment will also feature trebled rates of getting SSR "Tetsuya Naito: CENTER OF THIS RING" regardless of the step.
*For more detailed recruitment rate, see the recruitment details of the recruit.


*Limited-time only partners will not appear in partner recruitments that do not have "Tetsuya Naito: CENTER OF THIS RING" displayed.
*Limited-time only partners will not appear after the end of the recruitment, but may return in the future.
*Duplicate partners may appear.
*If you get a partner that you already have, you will get a limit break for that partner.
*If you get a partner who is already limit broken to Lv. 5, it will be converted to Dumbbell Points instead.
List of Dumbbell Points you can earn:
- SSR Partner : 100 Dumbbell Points
- SR Partner : 10 Dumbbell Points
- R Partner : 3 Dumbbell Points
*Dojo bonuses, skills, images, and other content are subject to change.
*The recruiting period is subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits.