Added a 3★ wrestler exchange ticket

As of app version 2.0.3, a 3★ wrestler exchange ticket will be added to recruitment.

Players will receive a ★3 wrestler exchange ticket upon completing the tutorial.
Aim to train powerful wrestlers in the dojo!



Get your 3★ wrestler exchange ticket


A 3★ wrestler exchange ticket will be sent to your Gift Box upon completing the tutorial.
First, complete the tutorial to get your 3★ wrestler exchange ticket.


A 3★ wrestler exchange ticket will be sent to all players who completed the tutorial prior to the app update.
*All users who completed the tutorial up to 10/19 08:59 JST will be eligible.
*Eligible period : Until 2023/1/19 08:59 JST




Recruit a 3★ wrestler


Now let's recruit a 3★ wrestler.
Tap Recruit on the Home screen > "Ticket Recruit" on the left side of the screen > the "Confirm" button in the "3★ wrestler exchange ticket" column



The wrestlers available for recruitment will be displayed.
You can select one wrestler to recruit, it doesn't matter if you have recruited them already or not.


If you have already recruited that wrestler, you will 60 of that wrestler's pieces.
Pieces are required to raise a wrestler's ★ level.


For more information on raising a wrestler's ★ level, please see the help page below.
Power Up Formation > Wrestler > ★ Level up
Wrestler > About Wrestler ★ Levels > Wrestler ★ Levels




After recruiting a wrestler you can train them in the dojo.
Wrestlers have infinite potential, and you can train them with "master special skills", "improve basic abilities", "increase battle skills" and more.

The dojo also has original stories for each wrestler for you to enjoy, a key feature of NJPW: Strong Spirits.
Aim to train your strongest wrestler while getting to know them!


Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits.