SR Shinya Hashimoto Partner Mission


Available Period:
8/17 after maintenance ~ 9/14 08:59 JST

A limited-time mission where you can get "SR Shinya Hashimoto: King of Destruction" is now available!


■ Mission details ■ Rewards
Recruit 10 partners 10,000 NJ coins
Let's complete training 5 times at the dojo with a total rank of B + or higher 5 Battle Ticket (S)
Challenge 15 SS Match 3 Boost Tickets
Obtain 50,000 NJ coins 8 Stamina Drink (S)
Complete all missions 1 SR Shinya Hashimoto: King of Destruction



*Clearance of each mission is determined from the time the mission is added. Achievements prior to the addition will not be counted as clearances.
*The event period and mission content are subject to change without notice.

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