Legend Exclusive! Step up! Partner Recruitment "Shinya Hashimoto"


Available Period:
8/17 after maintenance ~ 9/14 08:59 JST


The new "Shinya Hashimoto: King of Destruction" Legend Exclusive step up partner recruitment is happening now!


SSR Shinya Hashimoto: King of Destruction has 2 types of rare battle skills,
and SR Shinya Hashimoto: King of Destruction also has 1 type of rare battle skill!

■ Step Up Recruitment details
For 10x recruitments, by playing up to certain steps, you will be guaranteed to get SSR partners, etc.


- Step 6, 12, 18
Guaranteed SSR partner!


- Step 20
Guaranteed SSR "Shinya Hashimoto: King of Destruction"


*After step 20, you can play again starting from step 1


This recruitment will also feature trebled rates of getting SSR and SR "Shinya Hashimoto: King of Destruction" regardless of the step.
Previous some Legend exclusive partners are also back with the probability of recruiting them increased by 1.5x!
*For more detailed recruitment rate, see the recruitment details of the recruit.


The following partners will not appear
"Riki Choshu: Revolutionary Warrior" (SSR, SR)


*Legend exclusive partners will not appear in partner recruitments that do not have "Legend Exclusive!" displayed.
*"Shinya Hashimoto: King of Destruction (SSR, SR)" will be removed from the recruitment roster when this recruitment ends and will not be available for any future legend exclusive partner recruitments.
If any return of "Shinya Hashimoto: King of Destruction (SSR, SR)" is to be made, we will make a new announcement.
*"Jyushin Thunder Liger: Beast God of the World(SSR,SR)" will appear in the next Legend exclusive partner recruitment.
*Duplicate partners may appear.
*If you get a partner that you already have, you will get a limit break for that partner.
*If you get a partner who is already limit broken to Lv. 5, it will be converted to Dumbbell Points instead.
List of Dumbbell Points you can earn:
- SSR Partner : 100 Dumbbell Points
- SR Partner : 10 Dumbbell Points
- R Partner : 3 Dumbbell Points
*Dojo bonuses, skills, images, and other content are subject to change.
*The recruiting period is subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits.