G1 CLIMAX in NJPWSS 2022 Celebration Login Bonus


Available Period:
7/28 04:00 ~ 8/8 03:59 JST


We will be offering a login bonus to commemorate the "G1 CLIMAX in NJPWSS 2022" ranking event!
Log in every day to receive gifts!


Day 1: 1 G1 Wrestler Recruitment Ticket
Day 2: 500 Diamonds
Day 3: 3 Stamina Drink (S)
Day 4: 1 G1 Wrestler Recruitment Ticket
Day 5: 500 Diamonds
Day 6: 1 G1 Wrestler Recruitment Ticket
Day 7: 500 Diamonds


*Rewards for this login bonus can be earned up to once per day. Once you have received a reward, the next time you can receive it will be after 4:00 JST the following day.
*If you do not log in during the period, you will not receive the reward.
*The campaign period and details are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits.