Historical Match: "G1 CLIMAX 31" is being held!


Historical Match: "G1 CLIMAX 31" has been released.
Experience the excitement of the match in New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits!


The "G1 CLIMAX 31" stage will consist of the following.


Stage 1
Opponent: Chase Owens: The Crown Jewel
Clear reward: Chase Owens "Crown Jewel" T-Shirt
100 Diamonds
Stage 2
Opponent: Yujiro Takahashi: THE TOKYO PIMPS
Clear reward: Yujiro Takahashi "PIMPS CLUB" T-Shirt
100 Diamonds
Stage 3
Opponent: Hirooki Goto: Fierce Warrior
Clear reward: Hirooki Goto "GTW" T-Shirt
200 Diamonds
Stage 4
Opponent: Tanga Loa: THE SILVER BACK
200 Diamonds
Stage 5
Opponent: Tomohiro Ishii: STONE PITBULL
Clear reward: FINISHING MOVE TEE (Tomohiro Ishii)
200 Diamonds
Stage 6
Opponent: KENTA: Worst Intruder in History
Clear reward: BULLET CLUB Circle Logo T-Shirt
200 Diamonds
Opponent: EVIL: King of Darkness
Clear reward: EVIL "DARKNESS CLUB" T-Shirt
200 Diamonds
Main Event
Opponent: Kazuchika Okada: Rainmaker
Clear reward: Kazuchika Okada G1 CLIMAX 31 Champion T-Shirt
300 Diamonds


That's not all! You can also get special goods by clearing stage missions.


*To play in a historical match, you must advance through the road map.
*The duration of this event is subject to change without notice.

Thank you for your continued support of New Japan Pro-Wrestling: Strong Spirits.